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Viva Las Vegas '99 - HOB shots
(all these shots by Sadie McFarlane)

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Rockin Ronny Weiser gets exhuberant with some of his pals

Some nearby scenery - Red Rock Canyon

A wild and crazy party went down on Monday after the show:

Johnny's brutal attack (hee!) on Miss Viola. Lil Rachel, up and coming Kansas City star looks on with trepidation

We also took a trip to the new Mandalay Bay and took several apparently illicit photos of the House of Blues, which has absolutely the most amazing decor I've ever witnessed, right down to the furniture. Check it out:

Some of the exterior (within the casino, mind you) entrace decor

More of the same - some kinda voodoo king throne, I guess

Yet another view

An outsider art painting, inside

Another painting - I love this one

A truly iconic painting

A view of the dining area - swampadelic!

The bar. It is a tavern or a tabernacle?

The ceiling in part of the gift shop. Man alive!

A mural (also iconic) and window in the gift shop

The Official Mandalay Bay Welcoming Critters, outside the casino

Russian Language

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