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Viva Las Vegas '99 - Band shots
(all these shots by Sadie McFarlane)

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Living legend Sam Butera at the Tropicana

Jack Baymoore, a wild and handsome Swedish rocker

British rockabilly icon Boz Boorer, playing with Nick Gilmore

Bovine, from Albuquerque, tearing it up in the downstairs lounge

Rip Carson makes a desperate plea for cash in the lounge (he flat tore it up! not the money...)

Renowned doo-wop group the Cleftones - one of the show highlights

Mac Curtis, one of the great originals left in the rockabilly pantheon

Dragstrip 77, Vegas homeboys, in mariachi regalia, kick some lounge butt

Curtis Gordon, another old-timer, and a sheer delight

Marti Brom, one of the finest singers extant - she gave me goosebumps

A wild and crazy party went down on Monday after the show:

Jorge Harada and Roger Casanova of Dragstrip 77. Gotta love a man in leather. It's the law

Charming and talented Elvis Suiza of Three Bad Jacks, backing Johnny Legend

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