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04/08/99 Re: Battle Of The Bands @ VLV '99

Mike & I must agree with Big Pomp Chris. Rip stole the show and should undoubtedly have won the contest hands down. Everyone did a great job in the lounge, everyone!!! But when Rip let loose with the empty pocket thing, frenzy and chaos just took over and the show moved in directions that no one could have predicted. Even the guys were going up to put money in his pants, my old man included along with Rockin Ronny. Rip literally flew off the stage several times, rolled, thumped, jumped all over the place and the band never missed a beat. Reese kept the rhythm going on his big old bass, and the guitar player went right along with Rip jokes and teasing. The Drummer, thank God, was out of Rip's reach so he stayed safe.

- Maybee Baby

04/07/99 Re: Battle Of The Bands @ VLV '99

Rip's got the wildness in his veins and it shows perfectly in his singing, guitar playing, and knock-down drag-out stage show. He may be real young, but he's got a lot of years of performing under his belt.

- Caroline

04/08/99 Re: Rockabilly Meet & Greet (pre-VLV '99 party)

Rip Carson blew away this Dingo Dog -- man that cat is wild -- from West Virginia and now calling San Diego Ca. home this guy is wild and puts on one heck of a wild tear it up style show. But to really Appreciate Rip and his fantastic gymnastical rockin' ability you got to see this cat in concert. He is due to record for Rollin Rock in May and we will be ringing Rollin Rocks phone asap for a promo copy and hopefully feature this guy in a upcoming show.

- Rock-it Radio

04/08/99 Re: Viva Las Vegas Weekender 1999!

I enjoyed your show as well as everyone else did in the East Lounge at the Viva Las Vegas Weekender 1999! You guys rocked and I was glad to have seen you guys shake the shack! When you guys got up on that stage and started telling jokes, I wasn't quite sure I got them at first until that incredible voice started singing and driving the crowd wild. Now I can look back and say, you know what those jokes really weren't that bad after having the madman and the twilight trio's stage performance RIP the stage .eeewwww-eeeeeeeee! What more can I say! That says it all. You guys were absolutely amazing. Danny, "el guapo" (the cute and very talented one) of the bunch impressed me with his heavenly guitar playing. The bassist and the drummer were pretty cool too. You guys were the biggest and best act I saw in the East Lounge that's for sure. You guys don't need me to tell you the entire East Lounge was packed and going wild!!! I don't think anyone knew they were supposed to vote while you guys played. I didn't know until the following day when I heard someone announce it while another band was playing. I think whoever announced you guys failed to mention that minor, yet critical detail, otherwise you guys would have won. The crowd was hoppin' and boppin' and crazily responding to that dollar bill stunt Rip Carson pulled. Did you guys plan that? That was bad! Has that actually happened before in your show? If not, I'm sure you guys will never forget that performance, I know I never will!

04/08/99 Re: Rip at VLV '99

Rip didn't actually take his clothes off ... but he did however get quite a bit of cash during their gig! It was a song about being broke ... and he pulled out his pants pockets to show that there was nuttin in them ... and some charming young lady went to the stage with a dollar and tucked it neatly in Rip's pants! That started a very lucrative (for Rip anyway) song because it started a chain of generous kats and kittens givin him money. I think at one point his zipper miight have been down ... but he didn't take his pants off! In my humble opinion ...They were the show stealers of the weekend!


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