Penthouse Playboys

Welcome to the Penthouse Playboys happy hour folks! Belly up to their on-stage bar, pour yourself a tall stiff cocktail, kick back and enjoy the show.

Their seven piece onslaught of big band sound will blow your lid off. With Sweet Pete on trumpet and trombone, Mike on trumpet, Digits Dobie master of 88 keys, and members Scat vocal and guitar, Shorty on drums who come from the mid-eighties jump swing band The Deacons, Dino on bass, and Dennis on Sax are also veterans of the Chicago's eighties swing scene. So you see they're no strangers to the rhythm and booze.

The Penthouse Playboys influences are those of the Vegas greats like Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole, and of course Frank. This is one act that prides itself on crooning to the smoothies like nobody's biz. At the same time laying down a swing'n groove of stomp'n rhythm and blues.

Their debut CD "In The Bag" blends the lounge sounds of Harlem, Ava, and Ladies of the Night with out and out stompers like Out like a Rock, and Booze. In short, these guys can do it all in one night, and still get up the next afternoon and look themselves in the mirror with a shaky hand and a clear conscious.

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