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Milt Trenier

They Rock, They Roll, They Swing

They Rock, They Roll, They Swing 01. Go! Go! Go!
02. It Rocks! It Rolls! It Swings!
03. Hadacol (That's All)
04. This Is It
05. Rocking On Sunday Night
06. Poon-Tang!
07. Rockin' Is Our Business
08. Sugar-Doo
09. Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie
10. Trapped (In The Web Of Love)
11. Bald Head
12. I Said No
13. Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)
14. (Uh-Oh) Get Out Of The Car
15. Everything's Wild In Wildwood
16. Ride Man, Ride
17. Good Rockin' Tonight
18. Peace Bond Blues
19. Rock 'N' Roll Call
20. Rock-A-Way
Bonus Tracks:
21. Moondog
22. Cheatin' on Me
23. I'd Do Nothin' But Grieve
24. Devil's Mambo
25. Old Woman Blues
26. Taxi Blues
27. Out of the Bushes
28. Plenty of Money
29. Long Distance Blues


In their lives and music, The Treniers, led by twins Claude and Clifford, were the embodiment of wild good times. But their raucous, often outrageous, behavior, as entertaining as it was, was only a hint of the magic they wrought in their music. In their electricity and elan, The Treniers blurred the boundaries between rock and R&B and in the process, influenced legions of pop artists who followed.This twentry-nine track reissue contains twenty cuts digitally remastered for an Epic/Legacy "Best Of" release from 1995 (all tracks originally recorded 1951-55) and a whopping nine bonus tracks from singles released on the Okeh label in 1952 and 1953.
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