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Milt Trenier

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go! 1. Hey! Sister Lucy!
2. Buzz Buzz Buzz
3. Sure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night
4. I Miss You So
5. Oooh! Looka There Ain't She Pretty
6. No Baby No!
7. Sometimes I'm Happy
8. It's a Quiet Town
9. (I'm Going Back To) My Convertible Cadillac
10. Why Did You Get So High Shorty?
11. Go! Go! Go!
12. It Rocks! It Rolls! It Swings!
13. Plenty of Money
14. Hey Little Girl
15. Hadacol (That's All)
16. This Is It
17. Long Distance Blues
18. Rockin' on Sunday Night
19. Poon-Tang!
20. Taxi Blues
21. Rockin' Is Our Bizzness
22. Sugar Doo
23. Hi-Yo Silver
24. Moon Dog
25. Squeeze Me
26. Rock Bottom


These Trenier Brothers and thier honkin' wailin' combo, are like a black version of Bill Haley ∓ His Comets! They rock, roll, jump and swing better and harder then Haley ever did!!! These guys may sound like jump blues and swing, by modern ears, however these early 50's sides, are rock'n'roll, early pioneering r&r!!! Essential for all fans of jump blues, rockabilly, and wild R&b/swing. This stuff is freakin' wild, honking saxes, walin' horns, shufflin', jumpin' rockin' rhythms, ESSENTIAL!!!

- Numb-Nuts (San Celemente, CA)

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