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Milt Trenier

They Rock, They Roll, They Swing

They Rock, They Roll, They Swing 01. Go! Go! Go!
02. It Rocks! It Rolls! It Swings!
03. Hadacol (That's All)
04. This Is It
05. Rocking On Sunday Night
06. Poon-Tang!
07. Rockin' Is Our Business
08. Sugar-Doo
09. Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie
10. Trapped (In The Web Of Love)
11. Bald Head
12. I Said No
13. Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)
14. (Uh-Oh) Get Out Of The Car
15. Everything's Wild In Wildwood
16. Ride Man, Ride
17. Good Rockin' Tonight
18. Peace Bond Blues
19. Rock 'N' Roll Call
20. Rock-A-Way


I bought this CD on the strength of The Treniers' guest appearance in the film "Don't Knock the Rock," in which the band's hard-driving music is punctuated by comical shouts and schtick. Given the visual aspect of their act, I wasn't expecting as much firepower from the CD, but I was pleasantly surprised. The compilation offers a cross-section of The Treniers' solid musicianship ("Rockin' Is Our Business," "Go Go Go," "Rockin' on Sunday Night" ); novelty numbers ("Hadacol," a bluesy hymn to an alcohol-laced pain reliever; "Bald Head," about a disastrous courtship; "Say Hey," which features some hilarious delivery about baseball's Willie Mays); and sly, tongue-in-cheek humor ("Ride, Man, Ride," the Lone Ranger parody in their boisterous nightclub act; and its original flip side, the questionable "Poon-Tang!"). The CD could have used more discographical information for the intrigued listener, but it's a good introduction to one of the longest-running, hardest-working acts in show business.

- Scott MacGillivray, Massachusetts

I grew up listening to my father tell stories about the Treniers playing in our hometown of Wildwood. Several years ago I was able to see them perform in Atlantic City. Despite their age, they put on a great show. The CD captures the joy and energy of a group that was a tremendous influence in the early days of rock and roll. If you like Louis Jordan, Joe Turner or other founding fathers, you'll like this ablum. There are a couple of weak tracks, but overall the record "rocks, rolls, swings and jumps."

- A music fan

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