Hardcore Texas Cat Music.
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1. I Hate The Moon
2. Hate And Gasoline
3. Goodbye Train
4. Rockabilly Barbecue
5. I May Be Right But I Hope I Am Wrong
6. Texas Cotton Fields
7. I'll Die Alone
8. PeckerWood Rock
9.  No Good Gal
10. I Might Just Run
11. Crazy Mama
12. All That And More
13. The Ragin' Sea
14. The Future Is All I See
15. Lost That Lost Highway
16. Whatever It Takes
17. Big Dog Rock
18. Women Crawlin' All Over Me


On this CD, Stevens comes as close as we are likely to get to being a successor to the legendary Jack Scott. Putting a backing vocal group to good use on several of the cuts helps with the illusion ("I Hate The Moon", "Hate and Gasoline" and "I'll Die Alone") -- although this is sure to unnerve the hardcore rockabillyfans a little. Never fear, Mack also includes some of his patented stompers like "Rockabilly Barbeque" , "Peckerwood Rock" and "No Good Gal". For a slight change of pace, "I May Be Right But I Hope I'm Wrong" effortlessly takes the listener back to the days of the "Sun Sound". Mack also includes a few songs leaning precariously close to country; but, again, this is just a fine artist showing that there is more to him than pounding hot rockabilly. On the other hand, if you want a little rave in your rock, listen to "Raging Sea" the with volume pumped up. From Rockin' Ronny Weiser -- nothing else needs to be said.

Lee Cotten, Rock and Blues News.

This is the first album officially released on the American Rollin' Rock release in over 17 years. Rollin Rock had paired up with Hightone/HGM for a few partnership releases last year, but this one is solely on Ronny Weiser's label that he started back when the second wave of rockabilly was making a stand. Rockabilly has been strong with an underground following since the 70s, and Mack Stevens is following that raw, energetic sound that Ronny captured in the past and is now recapturing again with his Las Vegas studio.

Mack is one hell of an entertainer with a high energy show. I have compared him to Wildfire Willie, but musically he is comparable to some of the greats. He has a knack for writing witty lyrics that are driven by a hard-rocking beat. He has a bit of a traveling cowboy feel to this album, maybe as a result of the trips he took out to the wild, wild west to record this 18-song CD. On "I Hate the Moon," he has that howling sound that makes you yearn for the desert. On "Goodbye Train," Mack may have turned in one of the finest versions of this song with a great rolling beat. On this record, Mack is backed by the Vegas band The Shuffle Aires. Like the last CD, the stand-out vocal track is by Mary Ek; she has a sultry, sexy voice that would be comparable to Ann Margaret, or to Tina Louise if she sang as Ginger. The whole album is filled with great songs that will keep you tapping your feet for a long time. There are only three covers on this album; the rest were written by Mack himself or co-penned with David Betz or with "his reason for living," Karina McClanahan. I really don't know how Mack does it, he just released a mighty fine record about six months ago, and he turns in another one in the new year. This is one I think many people will enjoy, and if you get a chance to see him play live that would be a good thing to do.

Jason Shields, Texas Jamboree.

"Hardcore Texas Cat Music" is authentic Texas Rockabilly recorded and produced by Rockin' Ronny Weiser at the Rollin' Rock studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is Mack Stevens' second CD for Rollin' Rock Records with three Western-type rockabilly songs: "I Hate The Moon", "Hate And Gasoline" and "I'll Die Alone" which deliver that haunting addictive moody sound not heard since the days of Frankie Laine's "Ghostriders In The Sky". For you Rollin' Rock trivia buffs this is the first American Rollin' Rock CD that Ronny is personally manufacturing and distributing. The previous 11 US Rollin' Rock CDs were released through Hightone/HMG. Also featured are two New Orleans-type Big Beat numbers with pounding piano: "The Future Is All I See" and "Those Texas Cotton Fields", complete with a "wa wa wa wa" nasal solo which would make Fats Domino smile approvingly! More of today's rockin' bands should discover Fats Domino and the New Orleans Sound!! The Big Beat is infectious! And the rest is a snappy mix of Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Hillbilly Bop and what not! Not a dull moment on this record! The amusing lyrics, exotic greasy Texas vocals, crashing drums, slappin' bass and outrageous guitar riffs make this one of my all time favorite Rollin' Rock records.

DiMaggio, Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

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