At Rollin' Rock: The Las Vegas Stomp.
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01. It's Nothin' To Me
02. Don't Start A War Daddy
03. Hepcat Heaven
04. Woodpecker Rock
05. Diet Pill Boogie
06. If You Love My Woman
07. Runnin' After Fools
08. The Las Vegas Stomp
09. It's Armaggedon Time
10. Fire Walkin'
11. Rockabilly Romance
12. Only The Good Die Young
13. The Scream
14. Momma Stop Me Before I Kill Again
15. Daddy's Goin' Mad
16. Lonely


Out of the large number of CDs both on their own label and on the many other labels which are sold by Bear Family Records, very few are singled out for special commentary and praise.

In the Rock'n'Roll Commentary section of their latest catalog on page 49, only 4 such CDs are selected: Charlie Feathers, Norman Petty studio rarities, Darrel Higham....and: "MACK STEVENS at ROLLIN' ROCK: THE LAS VEGAS STOMP".

Here is what they say (translated from German): " Superb also is the new album of Mack Stevens (CD HMG 6603) which was produced by the legendary Ronny Weiser for the Rollin' Rock label. Rockin', real gone, and for us, his best album ever!"

Coming from Bear Family Records this is quite a neat commentary.

Russian Language

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