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Flat Iron Years '86 - '89

Flat Iron Years 01. Craw Fishin'
02. Riot In Cell Block #9
03. I Saw The Wolfman
04. Chicken Shack Boogie
05. Dirty Lovin'
06. I'm Ready
07. Cadillac Car
08. That's Your Daddy Yaddy Yo
09. Burnin'
10. You Don't Know Nothin'
11. Whatcha Gonna Do
12. When I First Met You
13. I'm A Hog
14. Blues In The Mornin'
15. Georgia Slop
16. Witchcraft
17. Love Bandit
18. Bye Bye Baby
19. Let's Have A Ball
20. Lights Out


Hi Fi fans outside of Chicago who are familiar with the band's current brand of grinding gutter rock 'n' roll just might be amazed by their latest release. This is a freshly re-mastered collection of their late eighties recordings when they over-powered hometown audiences with the biggest pompadours, the baggiest suits and the most potent dual sax attack since Joe Houston. These songs are their youthful legacy.

Never the greatest musicians, the Roadburners still managed to combine rockabilly, doo wop and the greasiest r&b into a potent dance floor-filling mixture. This disc serves to remind their friends and fans (especially us old coots) just how primrose their songs were, and they sure knew how to slap a coat of ugly on it (a lesson that could be taken to heart by any number of today's swing-rocket-daddies).

And an extra tip of the lid to the Colonel, Dan Sorensen, for the funniest liner notes this side of Steve Allen.

Ken Mottet, The Other Side With Ken Mottet.

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