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Live In Fear City

Live In Fear City 01. Chicago Greasers On A Rampage
02. Marianne
03. Hurricane
04. Strange Things
05. Dead Bug
06. What The Hell
07. Get Up And Go
08. Something Bad
09. Rocket To Mars
10. Fear City


Hi Fi and the Roadburners are once again pushing the rock and roll envelope by releasing "Live in Fear City", a recording of one of their highly anticipated live performances in Chicago, IL. For those who have not been able to catch them when they've been in town, this is the perfect record to get people out on the floor, dancing.

As a brilliant follow-up to their last record, "Wine, Women and Sin", Erik "Hi Fi" Kish and crew serve up a list of songs that include singles from each of their past releases. And in standard fashion, the crowd goes crazy. If you think that couples dancing is an old fashioned trend, then you haven't seen this band. As Erik so aptly puts it, "Strange things are happenin' here." Bobby socks, scarves, pompadours and engineer boots are all in a night's work.

With unbridled musicianship that comes from years of playing shows, this is Hi Fi and the Roadburners "in their element". Recorded at Chicago's own Double Door as they play to a sold out house, their energetic, foot stompin', hand clappin' live show has finally been captured here. And with songs about inter-racial love, the downfall of society, urban blight, corruption, bad ass Chevy's and bar room brawls, they show us all that you can have a worthwhile message and still have fun.

Their sound is steeped in R & B and rockabilly with just a hint of punk and ska. Add to that some ladies, a couple of Budweisers, and you have the Hi Fi experience. When it comes to being a greaser in the 90's the Roadburners are the real deal. Throughout their career they have developed a rock solid live tradition with five U.S. tours under their belts. With the current interest in the retro 50's sound, you can bet that Hi Fi and The Roadburners will be on the tip of people's tongues for a long time.

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