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Wine, Women and Sin

Wine Women and Sin 01. Knock 'Em Down
02. What The Hell
03. Chi-Town Hustler
04. Run Johnny Run
05. Hellride
06. Strange Things
07. Ain't That A Shame
08. Fuck Off
09. Bring It Up High
10. Come Out Swingin'
11. Get Up And Go
12. Break The Walls
13. Get Outta My Way


Ed "Hi Fi" Kish and his band of Roadburners are this week's award-winner for biggest rock 'n' roll throwback, both in distance and severity. Wine, Women And Sin is so loaded with cheeky '50s references in the lyrics as well as in the band's rockabilly/ skankabilly style - and cartoonish personality, you might mistake this quintet for Sha Na Na's evil twin. You'd be wrong, though, if you dismissed them as shallow, because these ruffians sing almost exclusively about social and political troubles, including urban decay, crooked politics and racism. Though you might think goofy retro style and scholarly, furrowed-brow politics are an awkward match, Hi Fi And The Roadburners make it work like a charm, playing both the evangelist and the life of the party, spicing up the facts and figures with their wacked-out rock 'n' roll hooliganism. And let the record show that the name "Roadburners" is an earned one. These five cats have toured the States non-stop, and it shows: Wine, Women And Sin displays their fully-honed chops and the reckless feeling of their live performance. Try "Chi-Town Hustler," "Get Up And Go" or "What The Hell."


"Take the Stray Cats style, toss in some horns, and beef it up with some hardcore undertones..." - Instant Magazine

"Wine, Women and Sin is one of the most fun CDs out on the market..." - The Suffolk Journal

"Hi Fi continues the legacy of hard driven American rock n roll. God bless us..." - Impact Press

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