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Fear City

Fear City 01. Mary Ann
02. Devil In Disguise
03. Minister's Daughter
04. Dead Bug
05. F.T.W.
06. Fear City
07. Bad Times
08. Mexican Whore
09. Big Red
10. Be Bop And Boogie
11. Something Bad
12. Outlaw Blues


Ever since Elvis joined the army, Chuck Berry went to jail and Buddy Holly plowed into Iowa (and the music establishment established a beachhead on rock music it has never relinquished), there have been scattered rebels who play like it's still 1958.

Occasionally these types pop up on the big scene, like the Rev. Horton Heat or Stray Cats, but these folks are usually treated more as novelties than serious musicians by the mainstream.

So Hi-Fi and the Roadburners don't have much hope for a big wad of cash. Oh well. They play music in the Chuck Berry tradition: short songs, sweet licks and hoarse vocals. The R&B tradition is represented in full swing, with a full-time sax and great rhythm section. Jeff Schuch keeps cranking out nice bits of guitar song after song, and Hi Fi (aka Erik Kish) has a nice, unrestrained sound to his voice.

I'm pretty much a sucker for this sort of thing. Hi Fi and the Roadburners are more retro than most, as even their lyrics follow the urban blues tradition that gave birth to rock and roll so long ago. Damned fine.

Jon Worley, A&A Archives

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