Here's a quick Q&A with Delilah DeWild, the bands bass player...

Q. Where is the band from.
A. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Q. How many members? names/instrument..
Danger - lead man on vocals and guitars
Mutt - drums
Johnny Angel - second guitar
Delilah DeWild - upright bass & vocals

Q. Describe what kind of music you play.
A. Mostly pschobilly, with a bit of county swingish stuff, and some swampy, sexy slow stuff for good measure.

Q. Do you have any records or tapes?
A. Working on it.

Q. Briefly introduce the band.
A.Dangerville is 4 crazy people from Michigan.... A four-piece since 1998, and a three piece before that since 1995. Mostly non-traditional rockabilly, high energy stuff. The members of the band have previosly played with the likes of Rev. Horton Heat, Jimmy Sutton & his 4 Charms, Wayne Handcock, BR5-49, Frantic Flattops, Big Rude Jake, to name a few....

Listen for your soon to be famous songs!
Lament of a Serial Killer
Torpedo Bra
Werewolf Dance
Find me a Woman
Straight to Hell
Killin' Frost

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