The Big Six - on fire!

The Big Six are back with their best album to date. After touring relentlessly for the past few years throughout America, they are at it again with a 2 month complete U.S. tour starting October 19, 1999 to support their new CD "Get Off It And Rock It". Like their previous records The Big Six combine all forms of music to create their own unique identifiable Big Beat sound. This record is by far their best sounding to date, with the help of London's infamous Abbey Road studios! Some highlights are the Ska sounds of "Tears On My Pillow" and "Rocketship To The Moon" the wild straight Rockabilly of "C'mon And Dance With me" and "Hop On Baby", the Soul styling of "Everybody Groove" which showcases a brilliant undiscovered sound of the band, the Mambo madness of "Big Mambo" plus tons of Swingin' Rock N Roll, Jive and Boogie! What kind of band is the Big Six? What kind of music do they play? Are they a Swing band? Are they a Ska band? Are they a Rockabilly band? Are they a Dance band? All of these are tough questions, with no real definite answer. The Big Six are The Big Six, and they play their own style of music period!

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