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The Trenier's got a good headstart on their music careers right from concepcion, because both parents were musically inclined. Their father Denny, played the sax, and their mother Olivia, played the piano. So it was just natural progression for them to not only like music, but to take to it like a fisk to water. But, when they also found out that it was easy to meet pretty girls if you were a musician, singer, or a memeber of a band, That got the ball rolling. And what a ball it was. And it just kept getting bigger and bigger. And it's been rolling for over 50 years now. And in those 50+ years it has rolled all over the world and back. The Trenier's have played to sellout audiences in England, Germany, Austrailia, Japan, Puerto Rico, and of course a mainstay in clubs, jukejoints, casino's, lounge's and big showroom's from one end of the US to the other. So it is easy to see why The Trenier's have remained a respected and loved group for so many years. They have worked with some of the best muscians, producer's, arranger's, and songwriter's in the world. Even in the early days, The Trenier's were able to work with some people that may not have been known for greatness then, but they sure grew to greatness later in life. One person to speak of is Quincy Jones. He worked on quite a few Trenier songs, including, "GET OUTTA THE CAR", "SAY HEY, THE WILLE MAYS SONG", "OUTTA THE BUSHES", and a few others. The Trenier's were also on many of the TV shows that had musical guests. Some of the shows were, "The Mike Douglas Show", "The Merv Griffin Show", "The Johnny Carson Show", "The Steve Allen Show", "The Colgate Comedy Hour", and of course "The Ed Sullivan Show". Also The Trenier's for many years were a mainstay on the annual "Jerry Lewis Telethon". And just this past March, 1998 in accordance with The Trenier's celebrating their 50th year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mayor deemed March 16th TRENIER DAY in Las Vegas. So you can see if it had anything to do with music, The Trenier's were at least close by if not right in the middle of it. And when I said ANYTHING with music I meant it. Because The Trenier's also lent their talents to a few stories about Rock & Roll that made it to the silver screen. So below is a Disc and Filmograpy on The Treniers.

Here is a Trenier's Discography

The Treniers "Go Go GoThe Treniers on TV" (Epic) 1955


The Treniers "Souvenir Album" (Dot) 1958


The Fabulous Treniers "After Hours" (Hermitage) 196?


Milt Trenier/Micki Lynn "Carryin'On" (Cadet) 1967


The Fabulous Treniers "Popcorn Man" (17) 1970


The Fabulous Treniers "Get Oulta The Car" 1972


The Treniers "Wild and Live at The Flamingo" (Mobile) 197?


The Fabulous Treniers (Mobile) 197?

The Treniers "Rockin ls Our Bizness" (reissue material) (Edsel) 1983


The Treniers w/Milt Trenier "You're Killin Me" (Reissue) (Dr. Horse) 1985

The Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra (w Claude Trenier) "I'm Gonna See My Baby" ,"That Someone Must Be You" (Decca) 1945
Barney Bigard (w Claude Trenier) "Young Man's Blues" parts I & 2 (Lamplighter/re-released on Crystelette 1949) 1946
Charlie Mingus and His Orchestra (w Claude Trenier) "Weird Nightmare" b/w "?"(Excelsior) 1946
The Trenier Twins "Buzz Buzz Buzz" b/w "Sure Had A Wonderful Time Last Night" (Mercury) 1947
The Trenier Twins "I Miss You So" b/w "Hey Sister Lucy" (Mercury) 1948
The Trenier Twins "No. Baby No" b/w "Oooh! Look A There Ain't She Pretty" (Mercury) 1948
The Trenier Twins "Ain't She Mean" b/w "It's A Quiet Town (Crossbone County)" (Mercury) 1948
The Trenier Twins " Sometimes I'm Happy" b/w "Convertible Cadillac" (Mercury) 1948
The Trenier Twins "My Convertible Cadillac" b/w "Near To Me" (Mercury) 1948
Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra (w Claude & Cliff Trenier) "Buzz Buzz Buzz" b/w "?" (Coral) 1949
The Treniers "Everybody Get Together" b/w "Why Did You Get So High, Shorty?" (London) 1950
The Treniers "Go! Go! Go! " b/w "Plenty Of Money" (Okeh) 1951
The Treniers "Old Woman Blues" b/w "Hey Little Girl" (Okeh) 1951
The Treniers "It Rocks, It Rolls, It Swings" b/w "Taxi Blues" (Okeh) 1952
The Treniers "Hadacol (That's All)" btw "Long Distance Call" (Okeh) 1952
The Treniers "Rockin'On Sunday Night" b/w "Cheatin'On Me" (Okeh) 1952
The Treniers "Poon-Tang! " b/w "Hi-Yo Silver"!" (Okeh) 1952
The Treniers "Poon-Tang!" b/w "The Moondog" (Okeh) 1952
Milt Trenier & His Solid Six "Squeeze Me" b/w "Rock Bottom" (Victor) 1953
The Treniers. "Sugar Doo" b/w"Rockin' ls Our Bizness" (Okeh) 1953
The Treniers "I'd Do Nothing But Grieve" b/w "This Is It" (Okeh) 1953
Milt Trenier & His Solid Six "Fiip Our Wigs" b/w "You're Killin'Me" (Victor) 1953
The Treniers "You Know Yeah! Tiger" b/w "Bug Dance" (Okeh) 1953
The Treniers "Trapped In the Web of Love" b/w "Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie" (Okeh) 1954
Milt Trenier w/The Gene Gilbeaux Quartet "Straighten Up Baby" b/w "Why" (Groove) 1954
Milt Trenier "Day Old Bread" b/w"Give A Little Time" (Groove) 1954
The Treniers "Bald Head" b/w "Come On Let's Face It" (Okeh) 1954
The Treniers w/ Willie Mays "Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)" b/w "Out Of The Bushes" (Epic) 1954
The Treniers "(Uh Oh) Get Out Of The Car" b/w Who Put The'Ungh' In Mambo" (Okeh) 1955
The Treners "Devil's Mambo" b/w "Do Do Do (Do-Be-Do-Be-DO)" (Okeh) 1955
The Treniers "Doin"Em Up" b/w 'Go Go Go" (Epic) 1955
The Treniers "Rock'n'Roll Call" b/w "Day Old Bread and Canned Beans"(Epic) 1956
The Treniers "Good Rockin'Tonight" blw"Boodie Green" (Epic) 1956
The Treniers "Sorrento" blw "Lover Come Back To Me" (Vik) 1956
The Treniers "(We Want A) Rock and Roll President" b/w "Cool It Baby" (Vik) 1956
The Treniers "Ooh La La" b/w "Pennies From Heaven" (Brunswick) 1957
Milton Trenier/The Treniers "Gonna Catch me A Rat" b/w "Time Out For Tears" (Dot) 1959
The Treniers "?" b/w "?" (DOM) 1959
Skip Trenier & The Fabulous Treniers "?" b/w "?"(Ronn) 1964

CD Reissue Compilations
The Treniers Cool It Baby( Bear Family)
The Treniers Hey Sister Lucy (Bear Family) 1988
The Treniers They Rock They Roll They Swing (Legacy/OKeh/Epic/Sony) 1995

Treniers cuts are also available on the following CDs: The RCA Victor Blues & Rhythm Revue (RCA), Baseball's Greatest Hits (Rhino), andThe 0keh box set(Sony). The precursor to the box set,The 0keh Rhythm & Blues double LP (Epic) also has aTreniers cut.

Film Appearances
Don't Knock the Rock 1956
The Girl Can't Help It 1956
Teen Age Rebels ("Cool It Baby" on soundtrack) 1956
Calypso Heat Wave 1957
Juke Box Rhythm 1957

TV appearances include "The Colgate Comedy Hour" hosted by Martin and Lewis (1954).
The Colgate Comedy Hour Video can be purchased at: Hollywood's Attic/Discount Video Tapes

Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton,Tommy Dorsey, Ernie Kovacs, Dinah Shore and a replacement show hosted by Paul White where they did a solid 15 minute set.

Below are reviews of the 4 movies The Trenier's were in

* Don't Knock the Rock (1956) Bill Haley and His Comets, Alan Freed, Little Richard, Alan Dale, The Treniers, Patricia Hardy, Dave Appell and His Applejacks. Rock star is scorned by the adults when he returns home but the local teenagers save the day. The Treniers are an underrated gem of a group as are the Comets. Good dance film with lots of rockin' tunes.

* The Girl Can't Help It (1957) Tom Ewell, Jayne Mansfield, Edmond O'Brien, Julie London, John Emery. The story of a media guy trying to promote gangster's girlfriend as a singing star is enhanced by he beautiful and funny Mansfield. Performers include Fats Domino, The Platters, Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps, Eddie Cochrane, Nino Tempo, the Treniers and Little Richard who sings the title tune. Musical highlights include Cochrane's Twenty Flight Rock, Vincent's Be Bop A Lula and the Treniers' Rockin' Is Our Business. It sure is.

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* Calypso Heat Wave (1957) Johnny Desmond, Merry Anders, Paul Langton, Michael Granger, Meg Myles, Joel Grey, The Treniers, The Tarriers, The Hi-Lo's, Maya Angelou, Darla Hood. Calypso was a short-lived trend that Hollywood tried to exploit with a few forgettable movies this year. (Calypso Joe was another.) This one features a once-in-a-lifetime cast including song and dance man Grey, Angelou-- later a famous poet, Hood of Little Rascals fame and the fabulous Treniers. Alan Arkin was a member of the Tarriers at the time.

* Juke Box Rhythm (1959) Jo Morrow, Jack Jones, Brian Donlevy, George Jessel, Hans Conried, Karin Booth, Marjorie Reynolds, Fritz Feld, Johnny Otis, the Treniers, the Earl Grant Trio. Terrible movie worth seeing for the performances of Otis (Willie and the Hand Jive) and, of course, the Treniers (Get Out of the Car).

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