Speed Devils
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01. Snake Eyes
02. Showdown
03. Teenage Riot
04. Zombie Rock
05. Drink That Bottle Down
06. Revenge Of The Moleman
07. El Diablo (The Outlaw)
08. Jungleman
09. Rumble Mambo
10. Devil Drives A Buick
  (But Jesus Drives My Chevrolet)
11. Graveyard Stomp
12. Booze Party
13. El Toro

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Chances are, you'll catch these three Cambridge, Massachusetts high octane demons at the dragstrip or the bowling alley before they hit the beach, so all you surfniks will just have to catch another wave this time. The Speed Devils' raunchy and rootsy sound actually takes more legit influence from '50s rockabilly than anywhere else, but the band subscribe to a notorious, badass Deadbolt vibe, as Skinny Mike Feudale's fingers paw and crawl upon his upright bass while guitarist Greg Burgess draws upon some bluesy notations. While most of the band's vocal originals are just barely three-chord bangers, the instrumentals (like "Teenage Riot") have some jazzy, complex chording that's several levels above most 'billy bands. Even in their covers of Link Wray's "Rumble Mambo" and "El Toro," the band recognize the power of Wray's awesome tonality without going completely retard-wild. And while the Crampish, B-movie exploito-core of "Zombie Rock" and "Revenge Of The Molemen" may have been renderd better elsewhere, you surely can't beat the sentiment of "The Devil Drives A Buick (But Jesus Drives My Chevrolet)." Hallelujah, ye Mopar Jehovah!!

- Chip Edwards, Focus Magazine.

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