How to use these codes with a Pronto remote


Using these codes with a Pronto remote is simply a matter of converting them into the Pronto format, used in all Pronto remotes except the ProntoNeo, which uses a strange format that doesnít always work right, which is why I donít explain it here.There are conversion tools for converting regular Pronto codes to ProntoNeo codes in the ProntoNeo file section at Remote Central.


The first thing you need to do is download a little utility called MakeHex from the Files>Pronto>Utilities section at Remote Central.Clicking here will take you directly to the Utilities section.Find MakeHex and download it to your computer.Read the Readme file which explains how to use the program, it is mostly self explanatory.All you really need to do is set the device code in the IRP file and run it through the program.


You should notice that there are 3 Sony IRP files, so hereís how to pick the right one based on the device code:


Device code less than 32: Sony12

Device code 32 or higher: Sony15

2 part device code: Sony20 HOWEVER see below


The device code is the number immediately above each chart.Most equipment has multiple device codes, so youíll probably have to send several IRP files through the program.


If you need Sony20, you can use the IRP provided, but it only takes one big number as the device code instead of 2 smaller numbers like I list.You can find these big numbers using the formula A+32*B where my code is A.B, and the long device codes are also listed in the first column of the Device Theory page, but there is an easier way.Simply replace the Sony20 IRP file with one containing this text:







Time Base=600




Message Time=45000



Simply replace 26.73 with whatever device youíre using if youíre not doing a DVD playerís main code.(This is the origin of the dot between the 2 codes, by the way.)


After youíve sent the IRP files through MakeHex, you can pick out the long strings of hex codes for the functions you want from the output files and put them into ProntoEdit.Itís very simple.