Remote Central

This is the ultimate site for everything related to universal remote controls.  Includes huge files section and many forums.


Rob Crowe’s UEIC remote site

This site (which hosts my site) has a lot of info about UEIC remotes (which includes remotes under the One For All and Radio Shack brands), including advanced code lists.  I got a lot of my info on Sony codes from this site, this has a variety of advanced codes for most of the common setup codes of all brands.


JP1 group

If you have an UEIC remote with 6 pins under the battery cover, this is for you.  This Yahoo! group contains all the knowledge of JP1, which is the connection of UEIC remotes to a computer via those 6 pins.  The group has instructions for how to build or buy a connector cable, the programs you need to communicate and program the remote, many files for all sorts of devices, and a message board in case you need help that the numerous help files and FAQs don’t provide.  You will need to join the JP1 group in order to access any of this.


JP1 Forums

This link takes you to the JP1 forums hosted here on


Sony OEM remote control support

If you need the preprogrammed code numbers for one of Sony’s OEM remotes (i.e., the remotes that come with their stuff), this is where to find them.


Sony S-Link resource center

Old, outdated list of stuff about Sony S-Link and similar things.  Most of the links are dead by now, but you can use the Wayback Machine to view most of them.  Some of them have codes I used on my site.