The Raging Teens
Photo by Sara Josephson

Recent feature articles in The Boston Globe and The Boston Phoenix have reported three things that music lovers and club-goers in New England have known for years: rockabilly is the most exciting music being performed today, the New England rockabilly scene is emerging as one of the country's finest, and at the forefront of that scene - along with The Racketeers and The Cranktones - are The Raging Teens. This energetic four-piece combo out of southern New Hampshire commands a devoted national fan base, and (as they discovered on their recent three month U.S. tour) strong word of mouth for their exciting live shows has spread from coast to coast. The Raging Teens now present their new eleven-track CD on Annabelle Records (in association with The Racketeers' Scollay Square label), featuring eight originals and a song written by Sony/WORK recording artist Mary Lou Lord expressly for the Teens.

Fans are practically demanding that The Raging Teens tour around the country. They're all geared up to make reservations cheap hotels near the venues they will soon play again. Thanks to hotel deals, dedicated and eager fans will be able to crash upon any city they play in, making for awesome trips.

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