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Let's Buzz

Let's Buzz
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01. Follow Your Heart
02. Keep On Loving Me Baby
03. Let's Buzz
04. I Don't Believe
05. Mercy
06. Untamed Melody
07. What Side Of The Door Am I On?
08. Kiddio
09. The Thing
10. Lawdy Lawdy Miss Mary
11. Sneakin' Around
12. Playgirl
13. I've Been Down Before


The Paladins, a dedicated, hard-working powerblues trio from Southern California, speak the kind of sweaty, Texas barroom blues rock-talk that's kept Stevie Ray at the front of the mass-appeal blues circuit but with the kind of fire and spirit that's made Carl Perkins a hall-of-famer. And although the Paladins sound is decidedly retro (Dave Gonzales' guitar and voice closely resemble Stevie Ray's), it's obvious they know their way from Texas to Tennessee, as they lay out swinging blues-shuffles ("Kiddio"), funky, rhythmic vamps ("What Side Of The Door Am I On?"), chooglin' freight-train rockers ("Mercy") and heavy-handed blues walks (Let's Buzz") with complete confidence. And while Gonzales writes in an often butchered framework, his guitar phrasings and vocal stylings always come off as vibrant and melodic, the arrangments and playing crackling with the fresh, honest feel of a live gig. Produced by two guys who know that the nighttime is the righttime, Steve Berlin and Mark Linnett, this party platter keeps workin' long after hours. Drop your quarters in for these future jukebox classics: "I Don't Believe," "Untamed Melod " and "The Thing."

Review from CMJ New Music Report

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