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Years Since Yesterday

Years Since Yesterday
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01. Years Since Yesterday
02. Good Lovin'
03. Going Down To Big Mary's
04. Happy Home
05. She's Fine
06. Your New Love
07. You And I
08. Don't Stay Out All Night
09. Mean Man
10. Right Track


There's no telling why this trio from San Diego chose the Paladin (a knight errant, in search of quixotic adventures) as the image for their band, but one thing is certain: The Paladins music is galant, adventurous, unselfish and a real good time. They've been pegged as "roots rockers" from the outset, but leaving it at that is like trying to pass off a lizard as an (ahem) alligator. The Paladins mix Texas blues and jump, swing, rockabilly, r & b and country into a genuinely NOW sound-a well-balanced outcome of years of playing, listening, learning, and playing some more. Though they sound like they could be from Austin (at times Dave Gonzales sings like Stevie Ray), "the road" has been their true home, nurturing their souls and their music. The rhythm section (T. Yearsley uses acoustic and electric basses) is well versed in all forms of "American" music, but since the spotlight invariably shines on the leading man, we'll tell you that guitarist/singer Dave Gonzales not only has a zesty rhythmic feel and can get things hot in a hurry with lead licks that swing as much as they scorch, and he's one helluva songwriter, too. "You And I" is a beautiful `50s-style ballad, and there's the gritty r & b of "Happy Home" as well as the thick Texas feel of "Your New Love." Ride on Paladins, ride on.

Review from CMJ New Music Report

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