Manufacturer Codes The Universal Garage Door Opener UGDO1 & UGDO2

MANUFACTURER                                         CORRECT SETTINGS 
                                                        A      B     C  
Genie model AT85                                       UP    DOWN    DOWN 
(390 MHz 9-position coding switch)

Genie model AT90                                      DOWN   DOWN    DOWN 
(390 MHz, 12 position coding switch)

Camberlain                                            DOWN   DOWN     UP 
(most units) 390MHz
Sears(most units)                                     DOWN   DOWN     UP  
Lift-Master Wayne Dallas                              DOWN   DOWN     UP 
 (most units) 390 MHz
Master Mechanic                                       DOWN   DOWN     UP 
390 MHz 9-position tristate coding switch

Stanley (black case, gray buttons)                    DOWN    UP      UP 
   310 MHz
Linear, Moore-O-Matic   310 MHz                       DOWN    UP     DOWN
Multi-Code 300 MHz DOWN UP UP

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