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The One For All® VCRPRO 8

Model URC-6800

Takes the confusion out of VCR programming!

Replaces any combination of EIGHT infrared remote controls for
TVs, VCRs, Cable Boxes, CD players, DSS receivers, Audio receivers,
Home Automation, and more.

Picture of VCRPRO8

Recording programs on a VCR has been a complex if not impossible task. The VCRPRO 8 allows you to easily tape your favorite movies and shows when you're away. A few simple steps allow you to program future shows in seconds. Just enter the date, time, channel and length of the program -- right into the remote!

The VCRPRO 8 is also an outstanding universal remote designed to eliminate the clutter of up to eight seperate remotes. Since the VCRPRO 8 is preprogrammed, it already knows how to operate your electronic devices. This not only insures easy setup, but makes it a perfect replacement for lost or broken remotes.

The VCRPRO 8 is clearly the perfect solution for anyone fed up with the complexity of programming a VCR and searching through a pile of remotes.

  • VCR programming is made easy with simple step-by-step instructions
  • Upgradable technology insures your remote won't become obsolete
  • Replaces up to eight infrared remote controls
  • preprogrammed for easy set-up
  • Key Magic allows you to add advanced features easily
  • Battery backup to prevent memory loss
  • Customer Support available via E-mail or WEBSITE

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