Sorry This model is no longer available from the manufacturer

One For All® 5 Device With Finder

Model No. URC 5061

The new One For All® 5 Device with Remote Finder allows you to control your home theater system and much more. Now with built-in rado frequency technology, you can find your lost or misplaced remote in seconds. This technology along with a multitude of advanced features, makes the One For All® 5 Device with Remote Finder a must.

  • Remote Finder built in: Finds lost remote in seconds
  • Radio Frequency Technology: signal will transmit through walls and ceilings up to 40ft.
  • Dedicated Menu keys
  • Built-In Sleep timer
  • Audio On/Off Key
  • TV/VCR Toggle key for taping And Viewing at the same time
  • Previous Channel Key
  • Favorite Channel Scan
  • Memory Backup
  • Pre-Programmed Codes makes set-up a snap

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