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The One For All® 3 "Little Easy"

Model URC-2060

Replaces any combination of THREE infrared remote controls for
TVs, VCRs, and Cable Boxes.

Picture of LittleEasy

The One For All® 3 "Little Easy" more than lives up to its name. Designed primarily for basic TV, VCR, and Cable Box functions, it eliminates unnecessary buttons. We also made the buttons bigger, so they're easier to find and use, even in low light.

The Little Easy is also an outstanding universal remote designed to eliminate the clutter of up to three seperate remotes. Since the One For All® Little Easy is preprogrammed, it already knows how to operate your electronic devices. This not only insures easy setup, but makes it a perfect replacement for lost or broken remotes.

  • Large buttons are easy to use and see
  • Key Magic makes it simple to add additional features
  • Replaces any combination of up to three infrared remote controls for TVs, VCRs, and Cable Boxes.
  • Preprogrammed for easy set-up
  • Customer Support available via E-mail or WEBSITE

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