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The One For All® 5 UPGRADABLE

Model URC-2005

Replaces any combination of FIVE infrared remote controls for
TVs, VCRs, Cable Boxes, CD players, Laser Disc Players, and Satellite receivers.

Picture of One For All®5

The One For All® 5 is preprogrammed so it already knows how to operate your electronic devices. This insures easy setup and makes it a perfect replacement for lost or broken remotes.

One For All® is the only company that brings upgradable technology to universal remote controls. With it, you can rest assured that the technology advances and new products that normally make universal remotes obsolete will not be a problem.

The built-in Scan feature allows you to browse through all of the available channels of your TV or Cable Converter, or pick up to ten of your favorite.

Key Magic allows you to add features from your original remotes.

  • Battery backup to prevent memory loss
  • Replaces five infrared remote controls
  • Preprogrammed for easy set-up
  • Key Magic makes it simple to add advanced features
  • Channel Scan feature
  • Upgradable technology insures your remote won't become obsolete
  • Customer Support available via E-mail or WEBSITE

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