Disabling MacroVision on the Samsung DVD-709
Setting up the remote:

  1. Press 'RCVR' button
  2. Press 'SETUP' button and hold until led (red light) flashes 2 times then release.
  3. Enter '0121' (which is the AIWA code from the list)
  4. Repeat step1 and step2.
  5. Enter '994'
  6. Press 'SETUP' until led flashes 1(one) time then release.
  7. Enter '078'
  8. Press 'PREV. CH.' button (this will asign the code to this button).

Thats it for setting up the remote. Now for hacking the 709

  1. Turn on dvd player without a disc in it.
  2. Perform a cold start, just in case you have at any point made an attempt to hack the DVD-709. This is accomplished by holding down the 'PLAY' and 'STOP' buttons simultaneously on the *unit* and not the remote control! You will see a 'Select language' menu pop up after continuing to hold down the two buttons for a period of around 5 seconds. Select the relevant language you prefer.
  3. 2. Press the 'PREV. CH.' button several times in quick succession. You may get a 'Cold Setup' screen notice on your TV display, and not at first see 'ADJUST' on the dvd player itself. If this is the case, you need to keep hitting the 'PREV. CH.' key on the One-For-All remote until you do see 'ADJUST' on the dvd display (it took me about a dozen hits on the key to actually see it). At the time you see 'ADJUST,' the tray should open.
  4. 3. Insert a disc (for me, I've only got Region 1 DVDs as I live in the USA, but if you're from another part of the world, insert whatever region-coded disk you want to view, regardless as to whether it's one designed to be played within your own region) and start playing it. As I had inserted a R1 DVD, it now displays without Macrovision enabled --- which is my main concern (USA versions of the DVD-709 cannot display PAL after all).

To make the changes 'permanent' (performing a cold start as outlined in step 2 above will retore your machine to its original specifications and remove the hack)

  1. On the DVD-709 remote press 'setup.'
  2. On the setup menu, select first option 7, then option 5, and then option 2.
  3. After doing this, hit 'RETURN' on the Samsung remote as many times as it takes to get back to the movie.
  4. You can now turn the player off or even unplug it, and it will still play DVDs with Macrovision disabled from now on.

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