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Shake A Leg

Shake A Leg
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01. Shake A Leg
02. Up to My Old Tricks Again
03. Bop City
04. Minus One -- Blast Off


Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars have a new record out, a 45 on Wormtone Records produced by Deke Dickerson, formerly of the Dave and Deke Combo. Recorded in Denver, Colorado, on vintage equipment, the clear orange vinyl disc bears four songs. The two on the A-side are by Lenz herself ("Shake a Leg" and "Up to My Old Tricks Again"), and the B-side sports the ultra-obscure covers that she and her band specialize in: "Bop City" and "Minus One -- Blast Off," which is a nice version of the countdown motif used to such good effect by the Leroi Brothers on their early-'80s hit "Moon Twist." The recording was made on authentic ancient equipment -- "the microphones didn't even have tone controls," she reports -- and the sound is analog all the way, baby. She and her band continue to jell in a pleasing fashion (particularly guitarist Mike Lester), but now that she's attaining mastery over all those little rockabilly vocal flourishes -- the yips, growls, and hiccups -- the next step is not to do them. Lenz is tickled pink with new booking agent -- Brian Swanson's Minneapolis-based Hello! booking, the same folks who book Dale Watson and the Derailers -- and the results they've gotten so far. "They've already made a ton of good things happen for us," she reports.

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