The JP1 Interface Section

The JP1 Interface enables you to perform all sorts of customizations to many Radio Shack and One For All brand universal remotes, that are not possible just using the remote itself, such as adding new device codes, re-programming existing device codes without using up any advanced code memory, programming the SLEEP key, and saving your configuration as a backup.

Introduction An introdcution to the JP1 interface, describes what it is useful for to help you decide if you need to build one.
JP1 - How Easy Is It? A high-level run down of how JP1 works. This document is intended to show just how easy to use JP1 really is.
JP1 For Beginners A very detailed introduction to the whole JP1 concept, including details on how to use the IR.exe program and the keymap-master spreadsheet.
JP1 Cables There are three dedicated vendors that sell all the JP1 cables and accessories that you could possibly need:
JP1 Remotes I have several "One For All" remotes available for sale. If the remote wasn't originally JP1-compatible, like the URC-6131 or URC-9960, I have modified it so that it will work with JP1.
JP1 Forums There are several forums on this web site dedicated to the JP1 effort. These forums are monitored by all the expeerts, so this is the place to seek help with JP1 programming.
Yahoo Group The JP1 group at Yahoo Groups is where we store all our upgrade files. There's also a large message archive there as we used to use it as our forum.
Hardware This page describes some of the choices you have in what kind of interface you should build (if you chose not to buy a ready made one.
Tools This page describes some of the tools that you can use with the JP1 interface.
Remotes This page lists which remotes will and won't work with the JP1 interface. (Note: as new remotes are coming out every day, this list should never be viewed as "complete").
RCU810 Instructions for adding a JP1 connector to the RCU810 remote.
FAQ Chris Nappi's FAQ: You got questions, he's got answers.
Useful Links Various links that might prove useful in the hacking effort.
History of JP1 A brief history of the JP1 Project and those who have made it possible.
JP1 Kits Instructions on how to put the JP1 kits together.
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