Rock 'N' Roll Murder
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01. Stick Around
02. Back Luck (At The Right Time)
03. Sugar Daddy
04. Lowdown
05. Trail of Tears
06. Mark Of The Squeeler
07. All I Wanna Do
08. You Better Move
09. Don't Tease Me
10. Black Market Ride
11. Pirate Love (Johnny Thunders)
12. Matador Del Mar
13. Infidelity
14. Burnin' Love
15. Rock 'n' Roll Murder
16. Redemption Blues


The Frantic Flattops are a helluva good rockabilly band outta Rochester, NY, whose motto is "we worship at the altar of rock 'n' roll with one finger extended." Their distinctive blend of rock, punk, and blues is about as American as David Lynch. This little ditty is off their latest cd, Rock-N-Roll Murder, which may or may not have been inspired by the time a man showed up at one of their shows naked with his roommate's head in a backpack. Now that, my friends, is rock 'n' roll!!!


Among the seemingly innumerable rockabilly, swing and roots bands to form during the past several years, many can be called good, but only a few can claim to be great. The Frantic Flattops fit squarely in that category. Rock 'n Roll Murder is the Flattops'"junior" effort, their third album, and it's another fully formed chapter in the band's fascinating and joyful evolution.

On Rock 'n Roll Murder rockabilly riffs morph into metal on "Lowdown," then careen into walls of Sex Pistol's style punk on "All I Wanna Do." Frantic Frank DeBlase and crew veer off into swing territory, complete with gorgeous horn arrangements, on "Sugar Daddy," while DeBlase's voice steers through the band's varied musical landscape like a teenager on a joy ride. He screams like Bon Scott one moment and croons like Elvis the next on the western ballad, "Trail of Tears." There's a story in the album's diversity that gives the listener the feeling this band has done some serious living and some serious playing. DeBlase finds beauty in desperation on hard-luck ballads like "Mark of the Squealer," and "Redemption Blues," where Sunday night becomes a time of serious reckoning.

Check out the Flattops--live or on disc--and you'll know that while today's swing may be a passing fad, rock and roll, Frantic Flattops style, is here to stay.

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