Cheap Women, Cheap Booze, Cheaper Thrills
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01.The Look At The Size Of That Boogie
02.Take Your Time
04.If This Is Love
05.Black Eye Blues
06.Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out
07. Sweet Fine Thing
08. Boy Next Door
09. The Black Widow
10. Ask For Me By Name
11.Wreckin' Ball
12. Before I Let You Go
13. Witchdoctors' Curse
14. Daddy Yar
15. It Just Took A Moment
16. Devastation Wagon


If the Frantic Flattops have their way, the next big thing in music will be a blast from the past: sounds produced by musical instruments, not machines.

There are no computer-derived bleeps or bloots or anything remotely sounding like a drum machine on the Rochester, N.Y.-based band's album, Cheap Women, Cheap Booze, Cheaper Thrills, (Pravda Records). This solid collection is a pointed reminder of the band's mission to resurrect real rock 'n' roll.

The album is filled with tales of dark, seedy bars and the people who frequent them. Most of the songs deal with the difficulties of relationships and countless failed attempts to find the right woman. Songs like Sweeter 17, Black Eye Blues, and The Black Widow are dark love stories.

The Flattops are a rockabilly act music, more along the lines of the Flat Duo Jets than the Stray Cats. The rejection and self-doubt conveyed in the songs can be felt with each wild guitar solo, each bass and drum line. But the band is not some sort of melancholy rockabilly Morrissey, hoping death will come soon. The songs serve as a record of experiences, best told over drinks, at late-night bars and venues where the band has played during its seemingly endless touring schedule.

The Flattops' lineup came together six years ago in Rochester, N.Y. It consists of lead singer and guitarist Frantic Frank DeBlase, percussionist Too Tall Paul and bassist Sid Baker.

The trio's musical ability is solid, and each track comes through with honest feeling and emotion. Though the songs tell vivid stories about bad relationships, listening to the album's 16 tracks at one sittingmakes the album seem repetitive. It's like listening to a friend tell his same woeful stories over and over. But by the end of the album, the listeners feels he knows the Flattops well.

- Mark Faulkner, Florida Times

Frantic Frank (guitar & vocals), Too Tall Paul (drums & screaming), and Sid (upright bass) have sold their souls to the demon rock & roll for a few bits and some dirty pictures, but the deal states that before the Gates of Hell open to take their souls to eternal damnation they must become the crown Kings of R&R! Now is your chance to aid and abet Lucifer himself!

Here's what to do. Draw a pentagram on the floor with fresh goats blood, take off your clothes, crack a beer, put on Cheap Women... crank it up, and proceed to ball off those extra pounds. There is no existential angst on this record, no handwringing about black hole suns, no triphop-ambient-extraterestial-newjacksoul- microdub-postrock-groove-shoegazing gloss. Just a whole bunch of pure rock rave-ups by and for folks who like to get down instead of worrying about getting dirty.

Opening with an introduction by the legendary Blonde Bomber himself, Ronnie Dawson, and held together by luxuriously swank production (for the first time in stereo!) by Andy Babiuk and Greg Prevost (of Chesterfield Kings fame); Cheap Women, Cheap Booze, Cheaper Thrills will rule your planet! See the Frantic Flattops in your town soon!

- Pravda Records Press Release.

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