Rustbelt Trio

Rustbelt Trio
1. A. OK
2. Shocked
3. Lincoln '59
4. Alone At Last
5. Headin' For Disaster
6. American Way
7. Hard-Boiled
8. Little Lovely
9. Lord Send Me An Angel
10. Damage Control
11. The Dead Know Nothing
12. I still Dream Of You
13. I'm Still Standin' Here


Chicago based roots rockiní trio Three Blue Teardrops are poised to reclaim their place as one of Rock-n-Rollís proudest and finest institutions as they celebrate their 15th anniversary together. Formed in the fall of 1991 (way back when Seattle "grunge" was en vogue) Three Blue Teardrops were at the forefront of a stateside rockabilly and swing revival with their unique and energetic style. A three piece trio of drums, upright bass and guitar, the band began writing and performing original songs that combined elements of 1970ís punk , gut bucket blues, jungle swing, gospel, garage rock, hillbilly jazz and country harmony to the 1950ís style raw rockabilly sounds of our Rock-N-Roll forefathers to create their own contemporary sound that was not stuck in the trappings of rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, blues or any single musical sub genre. The bandís appeal (and controversially to some strict rockabilly traditionalistís disapproval) was itís truly energetic and original genre bending and blurring take on vintage American AND modern musical styles as well as the trioís desire to seek out and frequently play on all age musical bills that were non rockabilly, often do things "un-retro" and do a whole lot more than hold itís own against punk, hardcore, ska, heavy metal, alternative and pop bands. This approach introduced and initiated a whole new generation of approving kids into the genre of "rockabilly" and has spawned countless imitators and influenced bands who were enamored by the trioís loud emergence from the "good time American roots rockabilly greaser punk cesspool".

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