Greatings From Mile Marker 26

Mile Marker 26
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01. Major Trouble
02. Sideways Glance
03. Badman
04. Feelin' Single & Seein' Double
05. Stampede!
06. Capgun Cowboy
07. Summer Home
08. Kill Krazy
09. Mr. Knuckles Funeral March
10. I've Drunk All My Troubles Away
11. The Hustler
12. Western Springs
13. Milemarker 26


This is the second release on the Teen Rebel record label from the 3BT's (Three Blue Teardrops) and it's called "Greetings from Milemarker 26". If you are familiar with this group and liked their first Teen Rebel release "Poised in Hate" you will LOVE "Greetings from Milemarker 26". I have to warn fans of traditional rockabilly this ain't traditional styled rockabilly. In fact it pushes the limits and blurs the lines between rockabilly, psychcobilly, rock n' roll and early 80's punk. I confess that I am generally no big fan of the subgenres of psychobilly or punkabilly. Too many groups that bill themselves as psychobilly use the "psychobilly" or "punkabilly" label to play rockabilly poorly. They use those labels as an excuse to play fast, loud, out of tune, with little talent and sing poorly about macabre subjects. Let's face it, rockabilly is a fine art. To play it well takes talent--to invent it takes genius.

The Three Blue Teardrops are a beautiful blend of the old with the new. Dave Sisson proves himself to be a veteran of rock 'n roll handling the dual task of lead guitar and lead vocals. He paints some pretty pictures with jazzyguitar chords, a little distortion, a little reverb and a slight lean on the Bigsby bar. Nice broad sweeping landscapes that would make Duane Eddy blush. Check out the riff on "Feelin' Single, Seein' Double". Their lyrics are American poetry and prose at it's finest. Check out the words to "Sideways Glance" or "Summer Home". The tune "Badman" is the best true to life love song that I have heard in a while. What person with a significant other could not relate to the sentiment expressed in the tune "Feelin' Single, Seein' Double"? Rick Uppilng on upright bass and backing vocals plays with an aggressive and violent attacking slap rhythm. Sometimes funkish, sometimes punkish, always rockin'. The harmony Sisson and Uppling develop reminds me of Danny and the Juniors (At the Hop). Kevin Lee Meyers on drums is responsible for pushing the band outward, harder, faster, meaner, tougher. He is responsible for much of the punk/hard rock feel in the bands music. Combined as a trio these musicians create an explosive rock n' roll style that is uniquely their own.

This CD manages to capture just a bit of 90's rockabilly angst and blend it with a sometimes swingin' and sometimes driving beat. This cannot be an easy task but the 3BT's accomplish it in fine style. Their strengths are in their originality and inventiveness within the genre. Great wring style. Bold original material. They push their talents to the edge on this release without teetering off. Several recurring rockabilly themes occur: drinkin' songs, killin' songs, a flyin' saucer song, a cowboy tune--all mixed with an aggressive rockabilly/ rock n' roll style and a touch of humor, irony and disgust make this CD the best release from this group yet.

-- Tony O'Bryan, Roots 66

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